Odineva Events + Design

Odineva works in many types of mediums such as: interior design, graphics, photography, and event planning. Artistically, the client wanted to have all mediums represented in the logo and this is what I came up with. It is now, their main logo.

First draft but didn't go any further. I still wanted to show it.

SDSU Alumni Association’s The Montys

The Montys is a black tie event for SDSU’s alumni association. The front of this invitation is a vectorized render of the US Grant because that is where the event is being held. The inside has a nice chandelier to reminisce the inside of the US Grant. The RSVP card uses the same idea as the inside of the invitation.

Made in International

Custom made logo Made for Made In International. Made In website. Custom made header with quick “cart” integration on the top left. Slider showcasing products. Room at the bottom for extra links, calendar, and blog entry.

Gary Manufacturing

Based off the original logo but was given better spacing and placement.

Complete redesign of website with social icons, new nav on top, slider, latest product post and blog. Finally, a quick contact area so customers can contact them without having to navigate away from homepage.

Third Avenue Charitable Organization

Logo created for local San Diego Charity. Out of three logos that all worked well for them, they chose logo #1. Why this logo was picked over the rest is because this logo represented the actual location of the charity. The two lines making the cross represents Ash street and 3rd Street and the logo is positioned exactly where it would be on a map. What is below is various media in which their new logo works.

Kitchen Assassin Sushi Kit

What started Kitchen Assassin was my love for sushi and the art of Japanese cuisine. Developing from Packaging class at SDSU, I came up with a do-it-yourself Asian cooking kit. This kit went through many different names and directions. I hand crafted this box myself and created two trap doors that exposed two different knifes and a chopstick and spice section. The entire outside flap is a cutting board, so the consumer could virtually take and use this product anywhere. When first opened, Kitchen Assassin provides a quick booklet of contents and a story to go along with the assassin concept.

Addicted to Technology

These syringes show the distinction between being overly infected with technology and the various levels below that. The syringes are to represent batteries from low to full infection levels. Two different designs of battery levels are shown.

Mission Acne

Logo made to reflect clients want of representing the “mission” as a building. The website is setup as an easy to use 1, 2, 3 system. A person can upload a photo of them and have a doctor prescribe help with their acne in one place.

A monster size poster on the side of a building shows the scale at which this poster can function. This is a pamphlet that brings awareness to this unknown disease. It is filled with statistics and various graphs to help prove a point that an addiction to technology can be just that, an addiction.

Rise of an Unknown Disease

The Rise of an Unknown Disease is an infographic project designed to bring awareness about how our lives are influenced by technology. The poster and brochure highlight information about how to know if you are infected by technology and suggestions for change. The main graphic model used in this infographic is a human brain with the technology side and human side.

In the brain are various words and text along with both circuits and veins. The USB cords work as a graphic model showing ages and percentage of dependence on technology at that age. The title blends clean text with a more humanistic script text. The background of the poster is made from overlapping circuits, and within the circuits are words that make up sentences.