Thompson & Hines

Logo designed for an architecture company. The “&” has a background reminiscent of a house and the colors represent construction. Website as seen on an iPhone, complete with popup comment box where a client can quickly contact the company. As you go down this website will show about the company and various links as well as a beautiful website head photo.

How to Improve Your Life

How to Improve Your Life is a self-help/depression campaign that helps individuals with these problems and lends a shoulder to those in need. This company started as a poster and grew into many different applications. The organization creates public awareness using easily seen street signs and marketing apps. The design uses an actual plant that makes up the word “life” in the logo.

VNR Hotel Management

VNR is a internet company that owns various hotels. This logo was created to give a sense of rigidity much like a building. Here is their website on a mobile. The top menu cascades down to an opaque view of other links. There is a slider that shows all their locations. Under that, you will see information about VNR and an area where you can be notified of new deals that come out.

Dangerous Music Festival

Dangerous is a two-day concert event with various bands. This concert has several applications like shirts and wristbands. On the poster and brochure there is also an invitation to an after party called, “The Night Throwdown,” and both logotypes make a diagonal crack throughout the yellow block. The color scheme is attention grabbing and symbolizes the idea of caution. This mood plays to the type of bands playing which are various heavy rock bands.

M.Roche Clothing Boutique

M.Roche is a local business to Palm Desert. Owner has a physical store and needed a website that would represent her and serve as a online shopping cart. Here you can see the way the header is animated. The idea here is to reflect M. Roche;s style and fashion. The actual store is the same purple that is on the background of the site. The store also has the same lights. The whole website is visible here and shows the simplicity of the store front. During the whole visit to the site the lights are flashing.

Mitosis: Life of Justin Abercrombie

The book comes enclosed in a touch red box to keep it safe. When opened, the book reveals the title/table of contents page. Throughout the book, each page has different characteristics and layouts to keep the reader guessing. It is spiral bound and the back fits into a sleeve.

A page open to the complete spread so that the viewer can see how the secondary book opens within the spread itself.

The purpose of this book was to tell the story of my life. This book was created with a brown card type cover and a red inner lining. Throughout the book each spread has an envelope that opens. Within this envelope is another z-fold spread, and these tell a more detailed story about my life by year. The book’s mood fades from white pages (young and innocent) to darker black pages (when I became a teenager). Sprinkled throughout are different pictures of me growing up and notebook-like sketches of more specific things about me.

Addiction Icons

This custom symbol set is created to accent a person and their obsessions. A symbol is set on top of the head of the other symbol and this means that all a person thinks about is this object. For example, it is a cup of coffee on top of one of the symbols heads. This means that this person is only thinking about that one thing, coffee. Some of these icons have funny connotations to them where others have a more serious tone. Examples of the serious icons are the syringes and cigarettes. The more humorous ones are the game controller, fast food, and coffee icons. The only other one I haven’t mentioned is the main icon which is the top left one which embodies a satellite on top. This stands for a person being addicted to being tapped into technology, almost as though they are living with a satellite in their brain.

On a serious note these symbols could be used at a school for disignating certain computers for certain things. In a students circumstance, they will know what is allowed on what computer. These symbols can also be used in a hospital to show what a patient is addicted to and how to treat them. 

The mouths all very on these icons showing what generic emotion would feel if addicted to this certain thing. That is why most of the negative ones have a sad face and the happier ones have simpler or happier faces. To keep this symbol set easily recognizable. All the eyes are the letter “x” and all the shapes of the faces are all the same. The name Addiction Addict is to being play to the Alcoholic Anonymous alliteration.

Drunken Grape

The Drunken Grape brand caters to a special type of wine drinker. The inspiration for this drink was Moonshine. With that in mind, this wine has an alcohol content of fifteen percent and therefore is the Moonshine equivalent of wine. This product has an old wooden package to keep the bottle protected. The bottle has an aged fashion paper label that reflects the style of Drunken Grape and leads to the overall satisfaction of pretending you’re in another era.

Chris Jensen Group

Chris Jensen is a San Diego based real estate agent. He was looking for a high end logo that represented the type of houses he sells. We wanted the logo to work on many levels and different background colors. The key is used to represent the unlocking of peoples dreams.