Starting with no marketing direction or prior design, I came up with this direction. For this app, we needed a single website to capture emails and have a face for the app on the web. This direction was based around how this app is used. Taking a pencil/pen and drawing a UI flow. Appseed will actually allow that drawing to come alive and be functional and when you’re all done. Just export to Photoshop for development.

So Cal Builders
So-Cal Builders is a southern California construction company that was started in 1995 and was in need of a major rebranding. In addition to creating the new logo, other deliverables also included: business cards, envelops, postcard, website, and a letterhead system applied to graph paper, invoice, and generic letter use. This logo was also applied to field applications such as banners and decals.

Rule Your District

This project was a video contest page made for kids. The platform that was used is Wildfire, which is a program within Facebook that lets you make mini website within Facebook for various promotions. The front page is where are the links are located, from the rules to the actual submitting of each video. After submitting your video you will be taken to the video page where voting and sharing happens. At the end of each countdown the winner will be chosen. All web content and collateral was created by me.

C&N Universe, INC.

For this client I needed to create a responsive website that could be cross platform. Whether you are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone your experience is completely the same. 100% customized by me.  

Also, here is a grid view of the desktop website to show it needed to be created in such a way that mathematically it can automatically resize.

Jennika Yoga

Jennika is a local San Diego yoga instructor that wanted a logo to represent the flow of the human body when doing yoga. The brush strokes give the logo a nice movement and the color evokes tranquility. We added #bendyourlimits hashtag for multiple marketing aspects.